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                      Our Vision

We started in 2019 in Olympia with the vision of creating a hot sauce that not only represents flavor – but health, community and sustainability. 


Courtney Jafferian set forth on a journey to start her own business in 2019. She reflected on everything she loves and all signs pointed to fermented, local, and organic hot sauce. Amidst her mission, she met and partnered with her fellow fermenting fanatic, Pat Jansen to help catalyze Splat. With a shared value of community, they reached out to farmer friends and got to work. 


“Hot sauce is, in our mind, a kind of food all it’s own. It represents a unique relationship with the hot peppers difficult to achieve by simply treating them as one would their sweet kin. Sauces and salsas are the ideal way to enjoy their spicy offerings! Though we’re not making sauces meant to challenge your tolerance to Scoville heat units, we are making sauces focused on heat and flavor balance with little to hide the true expression of hot peppers.” – Pat Jansen

Using only 4 ingredients, (because who doesn’t love simplicity) peppers, garlic, Himalayan pink salt and water sit in a stainless steel tanks for 7-8 months. Fermentation acts not only as a magical process but an ingredient. It helps develop a particularly unique umami flavor with some tang whilst adding probiotics and other health benefits and keeps it raw and fresh. 

Everything from the ingredients to the bottles are focused on how it effects our planet. We use minimal to no plastic by putting our sauce in glass bottles with aluminum caps and fermenting in stainless steel. We are zero waste by taking all of our “by-products” and turning it into other delicious products. Anything that cannot be reused gets composted or recycled. We deliver in a hybrid vehicle and route our trips as efficiently as possible. And we are always looking for ways to improve.

Thanks to our farmer friends, our ingredients are supplied locally and organically!